06 September 2022

Optical character recognition in Safetica ONE

Modern OCR technology enables the detection of sensitive data in PDF documents and image files. The entire process is carried out at the workstation level, so it does not burden network resources and works even when the station is offline. See how to set up optical character recognition step-by-step to better protect your company's assets.

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10 August 2022

Manual file classification in Safetica

Safetica ONE helps you discover and classify valuable business data based on content inspection, context, and file properties. It controls all sensitive data activities, no matter where the data is stored or transferred, so you can detect and investigate where there is a risk of leakage or theft. See how to implement the manual file classification process.

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09 August 2022

Safetica once again appreciated by its clients

Safetica was honoured in the Grid® report by, which gathers ratings and feedback from users worldwide. In the latest G2 Summer 2022, Safetica was distinguished in terms of referral probability, best support, response to user requirements, ease of use, and performance. It has also been recognised as a product that users love.

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25 March 2021

You don't control the work of your administrator as well?

IT network administrators ensure that enterprise employees can log in to their computers and company mail and use their company data without hindrance. Due to the administrators' broad powers and possibilities of interference in the IT infrastructure, the trend of using specialised tools to control the so-called privileged access is becoming increasingly popular.

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