22 August 2022

DPD knows their confidential data is safe - Case Study - DPD Czech Republic

Direct Parcel Distribution (DPD) Czech Republic is part of an international network of DPDgroup parcel delivery companies, one of Europe's best courier service providers. Every day DPD delivers more than 7.5 million packages in more than 230 countries. The company works with sensitive data, so it must protect and track its flow and provide adequate protection for USB drives and web applications.

Kraj: Czech Republic
Sektor: Services

Easily managed without interference 

We had to find a DLP solution to help protect our data, so we chose Safetica. The solution gives us the freedom to set a security policy, the DLP is modular, and we can set up specific DLP solutions for websites and the cloud. In addition, the administration console is very easy to understand and manage, and Safetica takes care of the undisturbed work of our employees.

Vladimír Püschner
IT PMO & Director of Innovation at Direct Parcel Distribution CZ

Super Fast  Execution

The implementation of Safetica proceeded quickly and was completed in just a week. The results were noticeable for the IT department after the first month of cooperation with DLP. Thanks to this, the company obtained comprehensive information needed to adjust its security policy.

Currently, Safetica performs several tasks for DPD: 

  • Security auditing,
  • Endpoint data protection,
  • Security automation,
  • Enterprise function and Gold Support.

Data protection, even during difficult times

Thanks to Safetica, DPD knows that its data is safe and secure even when a problematic employee leaves the workplace, which is always a challenge for the company.

I can recommend the Safetica solution.

Vladimír Püschner
IT PMO & Director of Innovation at Direct Parcel Distribution CZ

In short, DPD is satisfied with the Safetica ONE solution and has already implemented it in 5 other countries. They plan to use Safetica to protect their data against leaks and internal threats in the foreseeable future.

More about DPD

DPD (Direct Parcel Distribution) is part of DPDgroup, Europe's largest parcel delivery network. DPD's goal is to become the standard in sustainable supply and the primary driver of e-commerce development. With 1,800 couriers and 1,300 pickup points, DPD is one of the leading courier services in the Czech Republic. It is the only parcel delivery company in the Czech Republic that offers Predict. This service lets the customer know when the parcel will be delivered and informs them about the delivery time with an accuracy of 1 hour. At the same time, recipients can change the time or place of delivery in the DPD Courier application.

With DPDgroup, DPD customers can use more than 70,000 pickup points across Europe and send parcels to 230 countries worldwide with DPD, Chronopost, SEUR, BRT and Jadlog. DPDgroup is a parcel delivery network of GeoPost, a holding company owned by La Poste Groupe.

More about Safetica

Safetica is a European software company founded in 2007, serving its customers through business partners in 120 countries worldwide. Safetica offers solutions to prevent data loss online and in the cloud and protect against internal threats. Safetica easily helps organisations secure their data and ensure compliance.

Mateusz Piątek
product manager Safetica

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