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14 October 2022

Cutting outsourcing costs to survive the crisis

The high business costs force entrepreneurs to seek savings. A good idea could be to reduce the IT services outsourcing costs by proper supervision. The article was published in daily “Rzeczpospolita”, 27 September 2022.

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10 October 2022

Company data security. So why and how should you encrypt your data?

Many businesses focus on business development without paying attention to sensitive data and files. Meanwhile, the loss of essential data may lead to some disturbances. Such disturbances happen when employees do not treat the data with due diligence, leading to data leakage or when they decide to steal it, e.g. for the benefit of a new employer. Data encryption comes to the rescue. Learn what it is. Find out why and how to encrypt your data through this article.

12 September 2022

Learn about the best practices for data classification

The number of data processed worldwide is growing rapidly. To realise the scale we're talking about, look at your computer and see how many files and documents are on it, and then multiply it by the billions of devices that work around the world.

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01 July 2022

DAGMA celebrates its 35th anniversary

Exactly 35 years ago, on June 30, 1987, an adventure began that continues to this day! Three friends, a few ideas, a handful of knowledge and a solid dose of enthusiasm – this was the recipe for building a brand that employs over 200 people today. At that time, DAGMA became, among others, a leader in providing digital security solutions, ensuring the protection of nearly 150,000 companies and institutions in Poland.

28 June 2022

Increasing number of phishing campaigns. Cybercriminals target Internet users, businesses and organisations

According to the latest ESET Threat Report T1 2022, email threats increased by nearly 40% in the first four months of this year, compared to the last four months of 2021. Phishing campaigns are not limited only to Internet users, they concern governments, organisations and businesses as well. ESET Expert explains what affects the safety level.

15 June 2022

Data leak-proof environment – how to get there?

Business and organisation data flows through official and unofficial channels, such as email, instant messaging, printers, and cloud solutions. If employees fail to treat the data reasonably and the company or institution fails to implement the appropriate solutions, they may easily lose it. Learn the 10 most important rules to prevent data leakage within your organisation.

13 June 2022

Easy privileged access for employees and service providers

Hackers started working for unfriendly governments, which increased the refinement of their actions. Both the public and private sector are exposed to hostile activity.

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07 June 2022

Cyber-attack insurance – will it become popular in Poland?

Only last year, data breaches costed organisations USD 4M on average. 2021 was a record year in cyberattacks, which increased by 50% per week. Network and internal system downtimes have several consequences for companies, not only financial. Can you reduce the risk with cyber-insurance, which emerged on the Polish market recently?

13 April 2022

How to successfully implement a DLP solution in a company in one hour?

Implementing DLP in a company does not have to be difficult, laborious and does not have to consume a lot of resources. Solutions are available on the market, the configuration of which should not be a major problem. Sticking to the scheme may allow us to protect our environment without much effort.

25 March 2021

You don't control the work of your administrator as well?

IT network administrators ensure that enterprise employees can log in to their computers and company mail and use their company data without hindrance. Due to the administrators' broad powers and possibilities of interference in the IT infrastructure, the trend of using specialised tools to control the so-called privileged access is becoming increasingly popular.

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