14 October 2022

Cutting outsourcing costs to survive the crisis

The high business costs force entrepreneurs to seek savings. A good idea could be to reduce the IT services outsourcing costs by proper supervision. The article was published in daily “Rzeczpospolita”, 27 September 2022.

In August, inflation in Poland exceeded 16 percent and it will not start dropping soon. The aftermath of price increase are the very high cost faced by business. With lowering demand, this is a particular challenge, because shunting higher costs onto the customers is increasingly difficult.

Appropriate supervision

Thus, it is worth analysing the areas, in which you can cut the costs. One form of cost reduction could be the reduction of IT services outsourcing costs by proper supervision. IT services are one of the most outsourced areas in business. This is connected, among other things, with the deficit of specialists in this sector. The shortage of IT specialists in Poland is estimated at 50,000.

Due to the shortage of specialists, IT outsourcing is very costly, so searching for savings in this sector is even more worthwhile. Ideally, without reducing the outsourcing itself, which is advantageous and brings a series of benefits as a rule.

This process may be supported by the PAM (Privileged Access Management) system. It helps to reduce the excess hours, increases the quality of works and enables better supervision over outsourcing expenses. As a result, the added value is not only the reduction of costs, but also the elevation of the company and IT network cybersecurity level by streamlining the work of admins, quick detection of security incidents and potential data leak.

These matters have become very important lately. Both the public and private sector are exposed to hostile activity online.

How does Senhasegura work?

Senhasegura, the PAM-grade system, enables managing and supervising privileged access user activity. It enables safe storage of credentials and tracking their use. How does it work in practice? Users can be granted access to specific systems or devices without issuing them passwords. All remote sessions can be recorded, which enables automatic control and billing. This is essential, when third parties are admitted to the company network, for example implementation specialists and other outsourcing service providers.

Eliminating the weaknesses of outsourcing

The security layer created by Senhasegura can be extended to a module that provides secure remote access to assets. In turn, when an employee or third party needs to connect to a system, device or web console managed by Senhasegura, they send an access request to the PAM admin. If they approve, they send a link, which enables signing into the target system quickly and safely. This does not require signing in to the PAM platform.

The implementation of such system enables eliminating the weaknesses of outsourcing, such as the lack of supervision, the lack of control, the risk of using a company without proper qualifications and non-optimised work efficiency in the form of overtime.

This provides the company with tangible savings, while increasing cybersecurity.

Source: https://www.rp.pl/biznes/art37144001-redukcja-kosztow-outsourcingu-pomoze-przetrwac-kryzys

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